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Connecting your Google Calendar to you Outlook Calendar

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 This tutorial will guide you through Synchronizing your Google Calendar with your Outlook Calendar. If you need further assistance please stop by the Tech Office.

Step 1: Open your Google Calendar

Step 2: Mouse over the Calendar you want to synchronize and then click the down arrow that appears. Select Calendar settings.

Step 3: Click Share this Calendar at the top of the screen and check the box Make this Calendar Public.

Step 4: Now repeat Step 2. This time scroll down on the settings screen until you see the Calendar Address and Private Address section.

Step 5: Next to the Private Address click 

Step 6: A new window will appear with a web link. Click the link and a file will download ending in .ics

Step 7: Go to your Downloads folder and double click the .ics file.

Step 8: Outlook will open and a window will appear that looks like a meeting. Click the Save& close button.

Your Calendar will Now synchronize with your Outlook.

For the Outlook Web Access i.e. Webmail folow Steps 1 to 5 above and in stead of clicking the link that appears copy the link.

Step 6: Log into Web mail at

Step 7: Click on the Calendar link in the upper Left Hand Corner

Step 8: Now Right Click on the Other Calendar and select Open Calendar

Step 9: There will be two text fields in the wndow that pops up Paste the link you copied in Step 5: In to the field Labeled Internet Calendar

Click open and you should now see you google calendar in your Outlook Calendars. You will need to perform these steps for each Calendar you want to Synchronize.

Reduce Mailbox Size

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Catlin Gabel provides up to 1 GB of mail storage. To reduce the size of your mailbox, you can delete or archive messages that you no longer need to access on the mail server.

Delete Large Messages

Usually, a few large messages are responsible for a full mailbox. You can find and delete the largest messages to quickly reduce your mailbox size. This works in Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, and Outlook Web Access (webmail).

Sort each folder by size, to make the largest messages easy to find. Select Arranged by Size and then Largest on Top.

Delete the largest messages. Remember to empty the Deleted Items folder to fully remove these items from your mailbox.

Check Folder Size

Outlook can show you the total space used by your mailbox, so you can check how close you are to the 800MB limit. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on your mailbox account in the folder list and then select Folder Properties. Outlook Web Access does not have this feature.

Select the Storage tab. Size is measured in kb, so the mail limit is 800,000 kb.

Archive Your Mail

You can archive old messages instead of deleting them, but it takes a litte additional work. You can manually archive mail in Outlook for Mac and automatically archive mail in Outlook for Windows. You cannot archive mail in Outlook Web Access.

Outlook for Mac

The On My Computer folders are stored in the Microsoft User Data folder in your computer's Documents folder. This removes the messages from the mail server but puts them in a place on your computer where Outlook can still access them.

Confirm that your folder is sorted by date. Select the oldest message you want to archive.

Shift click on the newest message you want to archive, so that you select all of the messages in the desired date range.

Right click (control click) on the selected messages and then select Move. If you have done this before, select the desired destination folder.

If this is the first time, then select Choose Folder. Be sure to select a folder that is on your computer. Folders marked "Catlin Gabel" are on the mail server. Folders marked "On My Computer" are not on the mail server.

Archive Mail (Outlook for Windows)

You can create a local archive file and then use the Mac technique above.

IT staff can set up AutoArchive for Outlook for Windows. Just stop by the IT office or schedule an appointment.


How to open an email archive

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In this video, we will show you how to open an email archive that you've previously created in Outlook 2010.



Forward Your Mail

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Graduating seniors often wish to forward their mail to another email account. Catlin Gabel retains student email accounts for one year after graduation.

Note: Employees should not use this feature, so that internal communication remains on Catlin Gabel servers.

Note: You may prefer to access your Catlin Gabel mail through a mobile device instead of forwarding.

Note: These steps only work with Internet Explorer browser for Windows. You cannot do this from a Mac. Please use any PC to follow these steps.

Are you sitting down at a Windows computer? Okay, open Internet Explorer and then go to the Catlin Gabel website and access Webmail.

1. Create a new contact for your personal email account.

2. Create a new Rule for all incoming messages.

3. Configure the rule to redirect all messages to the contact for your personal account.

4. Send yourself a test message to verify that the rule works!


Manage Your Email Inbox

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Better manage your email inbox to reduce distractions and save time.

Causes of email overload

  • Too many messages
  • Too long messages
  • Not enough time
  • Difficult to decide what to respond to first
  • Thoughtfulness required

Effects of email overload

A research study, “Case Study: evaluating the effect of email interruptions within the workplace“ (source) authored by Thomas Jackson of Loughborough University found that 70% of arriving emails were reacted to within 6 seconds. Once the email was addressed, it took an average employee 64 seconds to resume working at the same rate they were before the interruption.

Tips -- try one of these for a week!

Deal with each message only once (Getting Things Done)

  • If action required, then do it, delegate it, or defer it.
  • If no action required, then file it, delete it, or incubate it.
  • Flag or file deferred messages. Ignore the read messages. Keep for future searches.

Organize messages by importance and urgency

  • Rules automatically file messages into folders (OutlookEntourageadvice from Inbox Zero)
  • Search folders (mail views) show unread messages, items sent only to you, etc.
  • Categories assign colors to messages based on criteria. (Outlook | Entourage)

Master the one-line response

  • A short response may do the recipient a favor (Inbox Zero)
  • Reply with a link.
  • Ask a question.
  • "I don't know."
  • Know when not to reply.

Limit email interruptions, read email in bunches

  • Turn off notifications (Entourage -> Preferences | Edit -> Options)
  • Check mail no more frequently than every 20 min
  • Quit your email when you need a distraction-free workspace.
  • Build a habit of reading email at specific times of day (hourly at most) and with a clear purpose.

Strengthen your scanning techniques

  • Scan senders and subjects first. Pass over some messages immediately.
  • Scan the first line of each paragraph. Pass over some messages based on that.
  • Read some messages all the way through.

Eliminate extraneous email

  • Limit list subscriptions and write rules to file the others.
  • Put a stop to reply-all chains.
  • Pick up the phone or walk to a colleague for a change.
  • Separate your work and personal email.

Use Search to find old messages

  • Search has become much more effective of late.
  • Use keywords to find messages by text or by mail field (sender, subject, etc.)
  • Search Sent Items to review a message you sent to someone else.
  • Only put items in Trash that you really never want to see again.


Five Methodologies to Deal With Email Overload (ReadWriteWeb)

Inbox Zero, by Merlin Mann

Getting Things Done (GTD), by David Allen

Send, by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe

File attachments: 

Mobile Devices and Catlin Gabel Email

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The Catlin Gabel email system supports IMAP and ActiveSync, two popular protocols for connecting mobile devices to email systems. We will not be able to set up your personal device for you, as we need to devote all of our time to maintaining and supporting Catlin Gabel-owned systems!

Here are some other helpful details when setting up your device:

Confirm that you are connected to the Internet by opening a web page.

Server name is (check SSL or TLS if available)
User name is your network login name (e.g., doej)
Password is your email password
Email address is your email address (e.g.,
SMTP server is (check TLS and Server Uses Authentication)

iPhone users may find this video and these screen shots helpful.
Blackberry users may read this document.

Some iPhones display a "verification failed" error message. Proceed and continue the setup process after you see this message.

Catlin Gabel employees only

Many people have asked whether they may connect their iPhone/Blackberry/Palm/Windows Mobile device to the Catlin Gabel email system. Now you can, but under certain conditions. We ask that you come to IT to review and acknowledge a series of statements that demonstrate your understanding of the risks of accessing Catlin Gabel email on your personal device (e.g., you know how to remotely erase your device if lost or stolen). We will then enable mobile device support on your Catlin Gabel account and direct you to instructions for how to set up your device.

To get started, download the Mobile Device Guidelines checklist, read and complete it, and bring it to the IT office. We will then enable mobile device access to your account within two days.

Schedule a Meeting

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How to use Entourage or Outlook to schedule a meeting.


Here is the scenario: you want to schedule a meeting with someone, but you don't know when they are available. If the person keeps up their Outlook or Entourage calendar, then you can see when they are available!

Mac Instructions Outlook 2011

Go to the Calendar tab on the lower left hand side of the main Outlook window. 

Then click on the new meeting button located on the left hand side of the ribbon.

Type or select the participants for the meeting. Set the date start time and end times.

You can click the scheduling button to show the times each person has available.

You can click the date and time area that is available to adjust the meeting.


Click the send button. 

Attendees will receive an appointment that they may accept, tentatively accept, or decline.

Please note that Windows users may propose a new time, but Macintosh users cannot.

Windows Instructions

Go to the calendar and create a new appointment.

Look in the middle of the window and click the Scheduling tab.

Select the people whom you would like to meet.

The colored bars show when each person is busy.

Now you know when the person is free. Optionally, you may send a meeting invitation.

Drag the white slider to a free space in the schedule, or edit the appointment date and time manually.

Click Send to email the invitation to all of the attendees.

Attendees will receive an appointment that they may accept, tentatively accept, decline, or propose a new time.

Please note that Macintosh users cannot propose a new meeting time.


Mac Entourage Instructions

Go to your calendar and create a new appointment.

Click the Invite button and add the people whom you would like to meet.

Click the Scheduling tab in the middle of the window.

The colored bars show when the person is busy.

Now you know when the person is free. Optionally, you may send the person a meeting invitation.

Drag the purple slider to a free space in the schedule, or edit the appointment date and time manually.

Click Send Now to email the invitation to all of the attendees.

Attendees will receive an appointment that they may accept, tentatively accept, or decline.

Please note that Windows users may propose a new time, but Macintosh users cannot.

Does Email Distract? Not if You Take Charge.

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The following NY Times article provides some helpful tips:

Does Email Distract? Not if You Take Charge.

Run Entourage From Off-Campus

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Configure Entourage to access the Catlin Gabel Exchange server from off-campus.

Mac users, you don't have to use webmail! Entourage is Microsoft's
email and personal organizer application. You may configure Entourage
so that it will work from both on and off-campus. People generally
prefer a desktop mail application to webmail because it checks for new
messages automatically, supports keyboard shortcuts, and handles
attachments more easily.

Open Entourage and go to Tools --> Accounts.

Select your Catlin Gabel account and click Edit.

On the Account Settings tab, change Exchange Server to: "This DAV Service ..." checkbox will automatically turn on. This is good.

On the Advanced tab, change Public Folders Server to:

Confirm that LDAP server is set to cgsdc01 (address book lookups only work from campus).

Click OK and close the Accounts window to save your changes. It may take a few minutes for your mail to reload from the server.

You can also increase how often Entourage checks for new mail under
Tools -> Schedules -> Send & Receive All -> Edit.

Adding Catlin to Safe Senders in Hotmail

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How to add Catlin as a safe sender on Hotmail.

Here are a series of steps to add "”
to your list of safe senders. This should allow all mail from school to get
through to your Inbox without being blocked.

Log into
Select (click) Options (top right, next to Help)
Select Mail in the left-hand column. This displays the mail options.
Select Junk E-mail Protection
Select Safe List
Where it says "Type an address or domain,” type and click Add. should now show up under Safe List (as the following screen shot