Experimental Chemistry

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This semester-long course investigates fundamental chemistry concepts through frequent experimentation. Topics covered include chemical bonding, reaction stoichiometry, solution chemistry and colligative properties, chemical equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, and oxidation and reduction. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Chemistry. Experimental and/or Organic Chemistry are recommended prior to enrollment in Advanced Biology.


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources
Experimental Chemistry

What is the electronic structure of the atom?

How are molecules and compounds formed?

How are molecules structured?

How do you quantify chemicals and chemical reactions?

What are solutions and how do you work with them?

What are gasses and how do you work with them?

What are acids and bases and how to they behave?

What are oxidation and reduction reactions and how do you analyze them?

What determines the speed of of chemical reaction?

What is equilibrium?

Electron configurations

Ionic and covalent bonding

Lewis structures

Molecular shape and polarity

Wrting and balancing chemical equations

Using stoichiometry to quantify chemical reactions

Solutions, solubility, and molarity

Gas laws and stoichiometry

Acids, bases, and pH

Oxidation and reduction reactions

Chemical kinetics

Equilibrium and LeChatlier's Principle

Standard chemistry laboratory techniques and procedures


*Setting up and using lab equipment to collect data

*Using a computer to collect and analyze data

*Representing data visually as graphs, figures, charts, etc.

*Developing a mathematical equation from the graph of data

*Working with scientific notation and significant figures and uncertainty

*Problem solving using metric system and dimensional analysis

*Thinking critically through scientific reasoning

*Learning to work collaboratively

*Experimental design

*Written communication of results and solutions

Participation and classwork


Lab work and lab reports

Tests and quizzes

H. Stephen Stoker, Introduction to Chemical Principles, 10th edition