Global Trips

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We draw upon the breadth of international experience in our own Catlin Gabel community when we plan trips abroad. We create international trips using the personal connections that we have to places where our students will benefit by travel. By basing trips on these existing connections, our students have greater opportunities for meaningful, safe, and educational experiences—and enduring relationships. At Catlin Gabel every global experience is treated as a diplomatic endeavor, our students acting as ambassadors. The opportunity to travel abroad is a privilege and holds a high level of responsibility. The school’s goal is for each student to participate in at least one international trip during his or her Middle School and Upper School years.

To find out more about Catlin Gabel's Global Trips, see the following pages:

  • 2013-14 Trips: We are excited to offer seven international trips for the 2013-14 school year--four in the upper school and three in the middle school.
  • Past Trips: Know us through where we've been! Our online archives span six years and nineteen different trips.
  • Logistics: So you want to apply for a global trip? Learn more about the process here.

Where in the world has Catlin Gabel been? Check it out!

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Contact the global education coordinators:  Becky Wynne & Dave Whitson (US) and  Barbara Ostos (MS)