Global Education

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What is global education at Catlin Gabel?

Catlin Gabel's global education initiative seeks to engage and challenge all members of our community to become active global citizens. The school achieves its mission by providing international and cross-cultural opportunities and experiences to students, faculty and families, beginning in the earliest grades. Our aim is to develop students' cultural competence – the necessary cultural, social, and academic skills to effectively address the challenges of the future. We envision our students being global leaders who understand the nuances of global issues, meet needs in appropriate cultural ways, and create positive and sustainable change, both internationally and locally.

Learn more about global ed at Catlin Gabel

  • Global trips: Where are we going in 2014-15? We're excited to have six international trips lined up, taking our students to three different continents and six different countries. Detailed information about each of these trips is available herein. You can also find an overview of the application process and an archive of past global trips.
  • International students: In 2014-15, Catlin Gabel will host one full-year international exchange student from Turkey. Find out more about this student and how you can serve as a host family in the future!

Contact the global education coordinators: Becky WynneDave Whitson (US) / Barbara Ostos (MS)