Facilitation Guide

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Facilitation groups are urged to use this guide to get the most out of teaching a film

Desired Outcomes of Viewfinder Global Film Series

  • Energize all community members – students in particular – to explore themes and grapple with questions prompted by international films.
  • Inspire vibrant conversations about controversial issues that support dissonant reactions, opinions, and viewpoints.
  • Empower facilitation group students to be leaders in conversations about controversial topics.

The Process

Forming Your Facilitation Group

  • Choose colleague, student, or parent partners for your facilitation group: whole class, partial class, club, trip group, advisory, other interested individuals.
  • Invite the group you’ve chosen to a prescreening that you schedule.
  • Prescreen film with facilitation group to frame essential questions and plan public screening event.
  • Open discussion on VGFS Forum.
  • Engage students from facilitation group in promoting the film through: writing CatlinSpeak article or film review, designing invitations, posters and displays, editing together an original trailer or slideshow.

Facilitating the screening

  • Attend public screening.
  • Facilitate post-screening discussion.

Post-screening activities

  • Continue discussions on VGFS Forum.
  • Contact Global Citizens Club to collaborate on projects connected to films.
  • Post film review on imdb or rottentomatoes.
  • Write activist letter to support or counter issues raised in films.