Trip Logistics

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Application Process

Trip leaders will provide applications directly to eligible students.

Late September – Informational sessions held for individual trips
October 1 – late October  Application period for global trips
Late Octoberearly November  Applications and financial aid applications due  (FA aid applications sent to Mary Medley)
November  Acceptance decisions and financial aid awards announced to students and families
December 1  Families commit to trip and first deposit billed

Trip Costs

Families are encouraged to begin saving funds for their child's global travel as early as possible. Every year, around 25% of students in MS and US travel on global trips. We make every effort to accurately predict the cost of trips so families can plan for future travel. However, many cost factors are unpredictable, and trip expenses can vary from our projections. Trips can range in cost from around $2,000 to $4,000. The estimated cost of the trip will be billed out in three or four installments, prior to the trip departure date. 

Financial Aid

The school’s goal is to make it possible for each student to participate in at least one international trip during their Middle School and Upper School years. To achieve this goal, we provide a limited amount of financial aid for trips, which will be available to all students. When a student applies for their first international trip in their division, we will consider the need for financial aid. A financial aid application will accompany applications for all trips. Families must be current on their tuition payment plan for a student to participate in a major trip.

Student Selection

Factors weighed for student selection
• Gender balance
• Good academic standing and/or potential
• Good standing as a community member and/or potential
• Emotional health and maturity and/or potential
• Grade level of student
• Modern language level
• If one or more of these factors do not sufficiently limit group size, students may be selected by lottery.


Passports should be current within three months of departure and return dates.

Parents should keep a copy of passport at home.

Medical Considerations

Students should contact a travel clinic at least eight weeks before departure.

The Traveler's Clinic at St. Vincent's (503-216-7000) gives CG travelers a discount. Find other options here.

Bring immunization records if possible.

Students should bring extra medicine or eye wear that may be critical if lost to their destination country.

Please read the CDC info on traveler's diarrhea


Parents are responsible for verifying that their family insurance covers their child while abroad.

Notes on Travel

For reasons of safety, Catlin Gabel requires that all members in a group depart from, and return to, Portland International Airport. Coordinating connecting flights or alternate travel plans for individuals creates undue risk for the entire group and is not permitted, except under unique circumstances.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use air miles in collaboration with our group tickets. It disconnects students from the group itinerary and is often difficult in situations of cancelled flights or changing itineraries.

U.S. State Department Travel Information by Country

Contact the global education coordinators:  Dave Whitson (US) and  Barbara Ostos (MS)