Ghana 2012

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GHANA – Arts and culture

Dates: Late July – mid August 2012
Trip leader: Michael DeForest, Jennifer Marcus, Bob Sauer
Eligible students: 9th-12th grade
Number of students: 15
Estimated cost: $5,500

Work with Ghanaian artisans, one-on-one, in their workshops and studios. Ghanaians are known for their warmth and hospitality, love to share their skills, and are entrepreneurial and creative. They also have one of the more successful, young democracies in Africa. A history of international slavery, international aid to a developing economy, and a relatively narrow socioeconomic split between rich and poor with a growing middle class make Ghana an interesting country to study and visit. 

West Africa is known for its long tradition of skillfully crafted art. Ghanaians specifically are known for their weaving, glass bead making, and woodworking. Each student will work a week with master fantasy coffin makers in the Kane Kwei Workshop and have a one-week homestay with a family in the Teshie/Nungua area. There will also be a one-week stay at an art compound helping teach local students how to make paper from sugar cane to be used for art projects. The last week of the trip will be a tour of the Southeastern Volta region, meeting with weavers, potters, and glass bead makers and learning their craft in their studios. There will also be a visit to a traditional village and local summer harvest festivals.