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Catlin Gabel Middle School & Cloud Forest School Collaboration

Dates: March 2012
Trip leaders: Wally Wilson, Paul Andrichuk
Eligible students: 8th grade Spanish language students
Number of students: 12–18
Estimated cost: $2,300

We are excited about our continuing collaboration with the Cloud Forest School of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Located in the heart of the Monteverde rain forest on 106 acres of former Nature Conservancy land, CFS is a bilingual school that inspires its students to become future stewards of this vast and wondrous ecosystem. Catlin Gabel joins Costa Rican students in an international environmental education program. Our goals are to enhance each student's global and environmental understanding, improve Spanish skills, and promote cross-cultural awareness.

After spending our first night in San José, we travel in CFS's school bus to Monteverde. After spending two days getting our bearings, students will move to homestays with Cloud Forest families for the heart of their cultural experience. This very active trip will require flexibility, willingness to try new things, and respect for local customs. Commitment to the combined group is essential. From March 15 to 19 students will be on the CFS campus engaging in service work. Projects have included building a biological kiosk high in the forest, constructing benches from local hardwood deadfall, and creating a mosaic patio from recycled tiles.

Safety Talk by Spencer

Photos from our previous trip are below.