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Discover China: Language and Culture


This trip will provide a unique immersion and experiential education experience for the students. They will improve their Chinese language skills; learn about Chinese society, culture, histor,y and arts; communicate with the local students; and travel around the most famous Chinese historical and scenic spots
This three-week trip includes two weeks in Beijing. Days are filled with intense language instruction as well as immersion in Chinese cultural arts such as calligraphy, martial arts, Peking Opera, and culinary arts. During our stay in Beijing, we will visit Olympic stadiums, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. We will spend the last week travelling to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors, and then visit the Shanghai area. Students who have studied Chinese are required to write a daily journal in the target language. Students who have not studied Chinese before are required to write a daily reflection journal in English. Every student will do a final project presentation based on their own experience on this trip.               

 Estimated Cost:


Dates and basic itinerary                                     

July 23rd.  – August 13th, 2011
We depart the Portland airport on July 23rd, flying to China's capital, Beijing. During the 14 days in Beijing, where we will take intensive Chinese language classes, selective culture classes, field trips around Beijing, and cooperative activities with the local students, we then head to Xi'an to visit Terracotta Warriors. We will spend two days there. Our next stop is Shanghai, Suzhou (Portland's sister city) and Hangzhou. We will spend four days there. Finally, we return to Portland on August 13th from Shanghai.

Eligible Students

First priority goes to current Chinese language students, and if there is vacancy, non-Chinese language students who are interested in Chinese language and culture will be considered.


Beining Hu: US Chinese teacher
Janet Chiu: LS Chinese teacher

Important upcoming dates

Thursday, December 9th,2010: Information sessionon China Trip
Thursday, December 23rd,2010: Email Beining at to confirm your child is seriously considering this trip
Friday, January 14th,2010: Application and essays due to Beining Hu
Friday, January 21st,2011: Decisions on participants emailed to students and families
Friday, January 28th,2011: Parent/student confirmation of acceptance
Thursday, February 10th,2011: First students/parents group meeting (bring passports, photos and medical insurance information)
March 14th to 17th (Winterim),2011: Mandatory Winterim attendance for all 4 days. During this time, we’ll prepare for the trip through study of geography, history, custom, traditions and current events.
Thursday, April 7th ,2011: Parent Q&A evening session with Winterim sharing.
Thursday, May 26th ,2011:  Evening meeting for final questions and preparations
Saturday, July 23rd ,2011: Departure to Beijing
Saturday, August 13th , 2011: Return to PDX

Application Process

Please email by December 23rd , if you are seriously considering this experience.
To apply, submit the application form and essay to Beining by January 14th .