Planned Giving Q&A

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When should I consider making a planned gift to Catlin Gabel?

When you are interested in furthering Catlin Gabel’s mission, reducing your taxes, or possibly even increasing your income.

How can I make a gift with the greatest tax benefit to my family?

A charitable remainder trust can provide you with the greatest tax benefit by giving you an immediate tax deduction, helping you avoid some capital gains tax and potentially increasing your lifetime income.

Is cash the best way to give?

Cash may be the easiest way to give to Catlin Gabel, but it is not always the most beneficial to your personal finances. You should contact your financial advisor or the development office at Catlin Gabel to find out which type of gift is the best fit for your family.

Which type of gift helps me avoid the tax on capital gains?

If one of your goals is to avoid capital gains tax, a gift to Catlin Gabel of appreciated stock (that you have held for at least one year) might be the best way to accomplish this.

Is there a way to pass on assets to my heirs while keeping my taxes low?

Yes. Establishing a charitable lead trust allows you to give a gift to Catlin Gabel and transfer your assets onto your heirs later with significantly reduced tax implication.

For more information or for a no-obligation scenario for your family, please contact:
Development Office
503-297-1894 ext. 310