Endowed Funds

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Over the years some of Catlin Gabel’s most loyal, generous, and forward-thinking community members have established endowed funds to generate income for the school in perpetuity.
Catlin Gabel's long-term health depends on the growth of our endowment. Just as individuals' savings or retirement accounts protect their financial security into the future, endowment funds protect our school’s financial viability in a rapidly changing world. Whereas individuals can expect to spend down their retirement funds in their golden years, the principal of Catlin Gabel’s endowed funds will, in most cases, never be touched. With endowed funds we secure a future for the school that spans many generations and does not end with us, our children, or our grandchildren. 
Additional endowments may be established with an initial gift of $25,000 or more.
Current endowments may be supplemented with additional gifts at any time. Further, anyone may donate to any of the named funds that match their preferred cause(s). To make a gift or pledge online, simply click on the name of the endowed fund in any of the categories below and you will be redirected to a secure donation page.

Endowed Financial Aid Funds

The interest income generated by these endowment funds will ensure that Catlin Gabel has the financial stamina necessary to seek out the best and brightest students with a diminished regard for their ability to pay.    

General Endowment Funds

The interest income generated by these endowment funds will be used to serve the needs of our school, students, teachers, and programs.

Endowed Professional Development Funds

The interest income generated by these endowment funds will aid Catlin Gabel’s teachers in maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence. 
For additional information about endowed funds, please contact:

Joset Grenon
Director of Development
503-297-1894 ext. 307