Catlin Gabel Fund

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Support What You Love, Support the Catlin Gabel Fund

What is the Catlin Gabel Fund, and how does it benefit each student?

The Catlin Gabel Fund enhances the school’s budget with gifts that support our low 7:1 student teacher ratio, exceptional teachers, and outstanding academic programs. The Fund allows us to grow and innovate by adding programs such as robotics, outdoor education, and Chinese language studies that heighten our students’ learning experience.

Why do we need the Catlin Gabel Fund?

Gifts to the Fund are the distinguishing factor that makes Catlin Gabel an enriching experience for students.Tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating our students: tuition and fees cover only 85 percent of the school’s budget. The remaining 15 percent, equivalent to $2,162 per student, is funded by individual donations made to the Catlin Gabel Fund and endowment earnings.

What can I expect?

You will receive a letter asking for your contribution to the Catlin Gabel Fund. A volunteer may follow up with you, asking you to make your gift this fall.Gifts to the Fund come in all sizes and are based on what each family can afford and how you wish to express your family’s priorities and interests. Two community events also support the Catlin Gabel Fund: our annual auction and the student-led walkathon, Tuition on the Track. We hope you participate as fully as possible.

Events that support the Catlin Gabel Fund

Annual Auction

The 2015 auction will be on Saturday, March 14, at the Portland Art Museum. You will have the opportunity to bid on unique auction items, raise your paddle for the special appeal, and socialize with fellow parents, teachers, and community members—all of whom care for the school. You will be asked to volunteer on a committee, donate items to the auction, and support the special appeal. Find out more at

Student-led walkathon: Tuition on the Track

The 2015 Tuition on the Track event is on Friday, April 17. Two members of the class of 2012 initiated the inaugural walkathon when they were seniors, and the community has embraced the event wholeheartedly. Funds raised by students at Tuition on the Track support financial aid. All four divisions participate. Students will ask you to sponsor them as they walk, skip, and run for financial aid dollars.

Contact the development team for more information.

Marianne Falk, Director, Catlin Gabel Fund

Eileen Andersen, Officer, Catlin Gabel Fund

Sprina Brown, Director of Alumni, Office of Alumni Relations