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Ruth Catlin-Priscilla Gabel Legacy Society: honoring those who have included Catlin Gabel in their estate plans through bequests or planned gifts.

Carolyn Arntson Craig '70 and Ann Hiestand '70 MacColl
Mel Baldwin Eugene* and Leeanne MacColl
Douglas and Sherry Boyd Chris Maletis
Michael and Ruth Brodeur Walter McMonies, Jr. '65
C. Glenn Burnett Pauline Michalowsky
Gavin Button '90 Paul and Pam Monheimer
David '76 and Carolyn Cannard Thomas and Cynthia Mulflur
Peter and Nancy Wilhelm '68 Carew Anne Jubitz Munro '61
Eva Mae Chamberlain* Charlotte Coe Murray '47
Mindy Clark Duncan Murray '63
Fred and Joan Coates Hester Hinsdale Nau '52
Christina Conklin '86 Deborah Schnitzer Novack '66
Robert Conklin '55 Robert H. Noyes*, Jr.
Michael Doran '92 Lark and Dan Palma
Stephen and Nancy Johnsrud '59 Dudley Gail Parker
Larry and Poppy Dully Josephine Day Pope '54
Lauren Dully '91 Sylvia Rea
Peter S. Eddy Judith Rees '64
Carol Gurian Elledge '47 Tim and Lorinda Bader '63 Reichert
John and Sarah Ferguson Burr Robson
John and Emma Gilleland Jeffrey Rogers
Alix Meier Goodman '71 Eric '83 and Tiffany Rosenfeld
Charles and Ingrid Gordon Floyd Sklaver and Marc Acito
Craig Hartzman and James John J. Mary Taylor '48
Marian Hays Johanna Thoeresz
Thomas W. Holman, Sr. Jennie Tucker '63
Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye Tom Tucker '66
Liz Kellogg Nani Swigert Warren '42
Julia King-Tamang Robert '66 and Elizabeth Kingery '70 Warren
Richard and Susan Koe Dove Pincus Weiner*
Peter and Marianne Krainock Adelyn Ball White '60
Volker and Elizabeth Wheeler '91 Krasemann Lawrie Diack Wilson
Bill Lazar Reed and Christina Wilson
Georgia Mason Lee '40 Thomas and Marcia Wood
Theresa Long Anonymous (16)

If you have already included Catlin Gabel in your estate plans, please let us know so that we may include you in our honor roll of legacy donors.  Please email or call 503.297.1894 x 310.  

If you would like more information about how to start the bequest process, please contact, Joset Grenon, Director of Development, at 503-297-1894 ext. 307.