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Donors with one or more children who previously attended Catlin Gabel School. 15% of all parents of alumni gave in 2010-11.

Richard and Katherine Abel Keith and Margaret Linehan
Donald Alexander Marsha Bates Livingstone '43
Stuart and Sarah Allen Theresa Long
Charlotte Alterman Duane and Christina Lundeberg
Sherman Andrus and Mary Yacob Linda Lusk
Lynne Angel Taufik Ma and Judy Cheng
Richard and Kristin Angell Kim '68 and Melinda Bishop '68 MacColl
Morry and Carolyn Arntson E. Kimbark* and Leeanne MacColl
Stephen '69 and Melissa Babson Timothy and Kaleen Madden
William and Gail Bain Stephen and Virginia Malm
Martin Baker Linda Mapes
Neal and Judith Barmack Richard and Jennifer Feucht '73 Marcus
Spencer '64 and Jane Beebe Melvin 'Pete' Mark
Douglas and Christine Bell Michael '77 and Jessica Marlitt
Harve and Debra Bellos Victor and Kathleen Marquardt
Marcus and Annette Bergen Lynn Marshall '77
Michael Bernstein and Tina-Marie Baskin '82 John and Bobby Maslen
Broughton '45 and Mary Voss '51 Bishop Owen and Linda Mason
John '75 and Suzanne Rinehart '76 Bishop Richard and Karen Maunder
Lawrence and Susan Wendel '49 Black David and Kathleen McCarron
Robert and Kelly Bloch Charlie and Betsy McCormick
Marc Bohn and Caroline Fenn Peter and Jill McDonald
Bob '73 and Nell Bonaparte Wayne and Peggy McDonnell
Barbara Bond and Catherine Martin Walter McMonies '65 and Maria Hall '80
William and Mary Bonser Alan and Frances McNichols
Ernest Bonyhadi Robert and Mary Medley
Scott Bowler Laura Meier
Michael and Gale Boesch '50 Brand Brock and Lisa Metcalf
Tom and Wendy Warren '68 Brown Roger Meyer
Mark Brown and Dori Schnitzer '71 Pauline Michalowsky
Thomas and Joan Buell Prudence M. Miller '52
John and Rebecca Kendall '65 Burt Kate Leadbetter Mills '50
Michael and Kate Byrnes Michael Mills '73
Sudarshan and Kerry Cadambi Sherry Mills
Joe and Patricia Campbell Gary and Veronica Mitchell
Sally Caplan Craig and Susan Moerer
Laurie Carlyon-Ward John Montague and Linda Hutchins
Len '75 and Hester Buell '76 Carr Steven Moore and Stephanie Burchfield
Steve and Sarah Case Sally Menefee Moore '68
John Caster and Karen Katz '74 Judy Moore
Brent and Barbara Chalmers Joseph Morawski and Elizabeth Newcomb
Kuo and Helen Chang Rhidian '63 and Martha Wheeler '64 Morgan
Rebecca L. Chiao Wilbur Morgan
Roger and Edith Clark Jennifer Morse '75
Nigel and June Clarke Henry and Teresa Morse
Matthew and Roberta Cohen Thomas and Cynthia Mulflur
William Conerly and Christina West Ernest and Anne Munch
Robert '55 and Janet Conklin Terry and Carolyn Murphy
Scott and Beth Conyers Madhav and Swarupa Nerurkar
James and Deborah Coonan Samuel and Shirley Ngai
Tracy Corey Tom Noesen
John and Toni Corkran Ken and Deborah Schnitzer '66 Novack
Dave and Char Corkran Robert * and Elizabeth Noyes
Jean Cory Peter and Carla Olson
John and Josephine Crenshaw George and Elise Orban
Clint and Lauren Darling Donald and Carol Parker
Mike and Lucy Davis Paul and Gail Parker
Veronique de la Poterie David and Diane Perkinson
Jon and Nancy Decherd Sandra Peters
Gun Denhart John Pierce and Robin Wright
Gretchen Dennison Charles and Joan Piper
Donald and Linda Desimini John Platt
Bart and Suzanne DeStephano Carol Ponganis
Paul Dickinson Peter and Joey Day '54 Pope
Patrick and Andy Dignan Robert and Rebecca Post
Devereaux Dion and Mindy Clark Richard Premer
Laszlo and Julia Dobos Edgar and Prudence Kimberley '64 Ragsdale
Michael and Colleen Dorough Dale and Barbara Rawls
Donald and Lynda Douglas William and Laurie Rawson
Betsy Drake Bryan Redd and Marsha Trump
Sam and Joanne Dreier Jeffery and Allison Reid
Stephen and Nancy Johnsrud '59 Dudley Joachim Reinhardt and Alexandra Feyerabend
Larry and Poppy Dully Norman and Elizabeth Menefee '73 Rickles
Peter and Shelley Dutton Robert and Tanis Rieck
Sid and Meg Patten '58 Eaton Jeffrey Rogers
Carol Edelman William Rosenfeld
Douglas Eden Garry and Lynn Rossing
Barry and Janet Edwards Betty Autzen Rossmann '34
Jane Ehrman* Peter Rotwein and Bonnie Aust
Robert and Mignon Ervin Carol Denison Santesson '57
Rob and Peggy Faber Peggy Schauffler '78
Judy Fagg David and Allen Schauffler
Andre Farci Manvel and Verna Schauffler
John and Sarah Ferguson Jordan D. Schnitzer '69
Bill and Mary-Beth Frerichs Mina Schnitzer
Donald Friedman and Helen Henry Harold* and Arlene Schnitzer
Perry and Zalika Milton '90 Gardner Lois Schnitzer
Dan Gibbs and Lois Seed Stephen and Shirley Scribner
Nicholas Gideonse and Mariam Higgins Garron '86 and Alicia Selliken
Howard* and Jane Glazer Gregg '76 and Deena Semler
Albert Glowasky Lesley Sepetoski
Michael Goodlett Herbert and Ardyth Rosencrantz '55 Shapiro
Tom and Alix Meier '71 Goodman Kishandutt and Meera Sharma
Doug Gordon and Kimberly Weller John and Joan* Shipley
Thomas and Joyce Gordon Margaret Shirley
Manouchehr and Mina Gorji Dick and Carol Shoemaker
William Hale Robert Shulevitz
Marie Vial Hall '49 Faisal Siddiqui and Yasmin Ansari
Missy Vaux Hall Lawrence and Marjorie Siulagi
Clare Hamill  Stephen Smith
John Harland and Janet Hoffman Tsungani Smith and Julia Stoll
Dave Hatch Richard and Fran Snell
Peter '74 and Pamela Hayes Ron Sobel
Harriet Sis Sterling Hayes '46 James and Polly Spencer
Byron and Susan Henry Jon Springer
Linda O'Keefe Hering Bruce and Caroline Stahl
Lowell and Grace Herr Douglas '47 and Frances Diack '58 Stearns
John and Mary Ann Holden Peter and Maureen Steinberger
Robert Hunter and Kathleen Steele Rich Streb and Deb Hendrix
Sandra Hyslop James and Luanne Thielke
Eliud and Esther Imbuye Thomas and Julia Tibbs
Sergey and Irina Ioffe Emmanuil and Bonnie Tjuanakis
Hedy Jackson and Susan Basham William and Rita Tomison
Stan Jacob Dave and Beth Towle
Rajesh and Bella Jhunjhunwala Timothy Treible and Laurie Kelly
Matthew and Elizabeth Rondthaler '76 Jolley Thomas Tucker '66 and Laura Frizzell
Ken and Jill Jones Roy and Roslyn Tucker
James and Molly Jones Larry '74 and Dorie Vollum
Fred and Nancy Jonske Wendell and Barbara Farrow '53 Walker
James Jurinski and Gretchen Brevig Gary and Evelyn Waltenbaugh
Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye Stephen and Mabsie Barnett '64 Walters
Andrew '62 and Marjorie Kerr Nani Swigert Warren '42
John and Mary Keyes Margaret Watson
Robert and Beverley Kindley Don Weathers and Kathy Qualman
Julia King-Tamang Dove Weiner*
John and Suzanne Knapp Juli Wellman
Richard and Adela Knight Patrick Wheary
Kevin '79 and Amy Kohnstamm Claire Wheeler
Molly Kohnstamm Leslie Bradford Wheeler '48
Jim Lafky and Madeline Brill Nelson '42 Patricia Hampson Wheeler '37
James and Luise Langerman '54 Lane Sam Wheeler* '45
Helena and Milton Lankton John and Hannah Whitehead
Leonard and Ruth Ann Laster Curtis and Sheila Williams
David '58 and Stephanie Lawrence Nicholas and Elizabeth Williams
Anne Loftin Lazar Reed and Christina Wilson
Bill Lazar Wallace and Daryl Wilson
Jack and Susan Lazareck James and Susan Swire '68 Winkler
Art Leo and Susan Brookhart John and Harriet Wiser
Joanne Miller Lilley '48 Thomas and Marcia Wood
Xinming Lin and Frances Lee-Lin Rick and Christine Woodard
Brian and Catlin Lind Dale and Pamela Yocum
Mark '68 and Sara Lindgren Jeffery and Lauretta Young
Helen Lindgren Anonymous (2)