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2010-11 donors who gave in support of restricted operating funds and programs

Athletic Contributions Fund


Beatrice Gurian Music Scholarship Fund


Carol Bartel Lower School Fund

Mel Baldwin

Financial Aid Program and Gambol 2011 Special Appeal for Financial Aid

Paul and Eileen Andersen
Finlay Anderson and Amy Turnbull
Paul Andrichuk and Stacey Hobart
Alfredo and Laurine Apolloni
Morry and Carolyn Arntson
Normund Auzins and Bonnie Stewart
William and Gail Bain
Carl and Eva Balog
Emil and Norma Bardana
Lester '86 and Heather Baskin
Bryan and Heidi Halvorsen '88 Bell
Harve and Debra Bellos
Eric and Heather Gaudry '90 Blackburn
Bob '73 and Nell Bonaparte
Willy '99 and Megan Bours
Hope Boyd
Garth and Joan Brandaw
Campbell Group
Laurie Carlyon-Ward
Len '75 and Hester Buell '76 Carr
Tim and Sara Case
Joe and Julie Cassin
Craig Chanti and Donna Avedisian
Nigel and June Clarke
Michael '85 and Maria Cohen
Rachel Cohen '90 and Sharonann Lynch
Matthew and Roberta Cohen
Cameron Cover and Julie Raggio
Todd and Esther Cowing
John and Leanne DiLorenzo
Louis and Kathleen Doctor
Lauren Dully '91
Bart and Jill Eberwein
Barry and Janet Edwards
Joseph Ehrman
Spencer Ehrman '68 and Hilde Wette
Stuart and Becky Ellis
Brett Fogelstrom and Maria Ponzi
Mary Foulk and Alyson Miller
Bill and Mary-Beth Frerichs
Perry and Zalika Milton '90 Gardner
Chris and Annabel Toren '89 George
John and Emma Gilleland
Baxter Gillette and Janina Malone
The William G. Gilmore Foundation
Judd and Natali Girard
Renny Gleeson and Pamela Lloyd
Andy Glew and Rhonda Patten
GlobalGiving Foundation
Albert Glowasky
Tom and Alix Meier '71 Goodman
Laura Gordon
Steve Gordon
Davide Grasso and Grazia Solazzi
Clare Hamill
Eric and Jennifer Hanson
Van Hare and Zoe Edelen Hare
Bill and Allyson Harris
Michael and Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Michael and Dido Heath
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
David Hiebert and Keri Smith
David and Adrienne Burns Hill
Alex Ho and Nicole Lee
John and Karen Hoke
Mark and Ingeborg Holliday
Craig and Donna Howard
Markus Hutchins '02
Intel Corporation
Herb Jahncke and Maya Wells '89
Jay Jan and Tina Tsai
Nigel Jaquiss and Margaret Remsen
Craig Hartzman and James John
Bruce and Heather Johnson
Christopher and Kathy Whittemore '68 Johnson
Dancy Jubb
Dave and Judy Jubb
Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye
Adam Keefer '98
Erik Kiaer and Lorraine Guthrie
Tina Koehler
Rob Lane and Mel Tilkicioglu
Chris Larson and Cassandra Dickson
Tuan and Heather Le
Matt LeBlanc and Miranda Wellman '91
Art Leo and Susan Brookhart
Scott Lewis and Laura Rose-Lewis
Jason and Jennifer Lycette
Thomas and Diane Macdonald
Melvin 'Pete' Mark
Oscar and Mary Mayer
Michael Maynard and Daisy Steele
Martin and Elizabeth Wills McClanan
Ed and Temani McDonald
Christof and Victoria Mees
Laura Meier
Mentor Graphics Corporation
Ian and Lyn Merrill
Mike and Anne Miller
Prudence M. Miller '52
John Mills '71 and Patricia Kubala
Mitch-Stuart, Inc.
Michael and Elisabeth Moran
Thomas and Cynthia Mulflur
David and Anne Jubitz '61 Munro
Terry and Carolyn Murphy
Bob and Melissa Naito
Lynn Nakamoto and Jocelyn White
Murali and Indira Nallakrishnan
Chris and Barbara Nelson
Andrew and Eneida Nemecek
Nike, Inc.
Peter and Carla Olson
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Lark and Dan Palma
Yale Popowich and Tina Skouras
Michael and Julie Proksch
Adam and Amanda Pushkas
Zach Putnam and Judith Lieberman '99
Kevin Reedy and Scott Cooley
Judith Rees '64
David '80 and Kayla Reich
Andrew and Susan Robbins
Paul and Vicki Roscoe
Eric '83 and Tiffany Rosenfeld
Steven Sandstrom
David and Allen Schauffler
Jordan D. Schnitzer '69
Paul and Elissa Scott
Max Semler '11
Peter '87 and Leslie McCall Shoemaker
Howard and Rebecca Slusher
Cheri Collins Smith '68
Troy and Jodie Snyder
Ron Sobel
James and Polly Spencer
Don Spiegel and Debbie Davis
Gerard and Sarah Gragg Stascausky
Peter and Maureen Steinberger
Prudence Steiner
Rich Streb and Deb Hendrix
Henry Swigert '48
Gary and Karen Takahashi
Murli and Anu Tirumala
Patrick and Leonie Todd
Robert and Britt Turkot
US Bancorp
Hans and Azin van Alebeek
Wally Van Valkenburg and Turid Owren
Don '84 and Marian Olson '82 Vollum
Gary and Evelyn Waltenbaugh
Jordan and Gina Wand
Michael and Joani Wardwell
Waste Management
Jim Weerts
Juli Wellman
Spencer White and Natasha Tobias
Bill and Helen Whitsell
Tom and Kaycee Wiita
Jay and Vanessa Wilkins
Gill and Sally Williams
Slate and Davida Wilson
David and Shannon Angel '93 Wiltz
James and Susan Swire '68 Winkler
Vici Wolff
Tom and Becky Wynne
Jonathan and Jennifer Yoken
Darrell Yuen and Beth Collins
Anonymous (10)

Gambol Sponsors

Gordon D. Sondland and Katherine J. Durant Foundation

Gifts in Support of Gambol

Alfredo and Laurine Apolloni
Apolloni Vineyards
Brett Fogelstrom and Maria Ponzi
Garden Vineyards, LLC
Ponzi Vineyards
Stuart '87 and Melinda Wilson
Partners on Demand

Global Education

Peter Beatty and Maria Pope '83

Howard Vollum Scholarship Fund

Oregon Community Foundation
Larry '74 and Dorie Vollum

Learning Center

Lawrence Baron
Victoria Harriman
Stan Jacob

Learning Center Testing Needs

Intel Corporation

Middle School Library

Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye

PLACE: Planning and Leadership Across City Environments

Walter McMonies '65 and Caroline Hall '80

Restricted Gifts in Support of Catlin Gabel Programs

Alfredo and Laurine Apolloni
Bark Blowers, Inc
Marcus and Annette Bergen
Andrew Beyer and Patti Lolich-Beyer
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation
Roger and Edith Clark
The Difference
Richard and Jill Schnitzer '81 Edelson
Peter Eggspuehler
Andy Glew and Rhonda Patten
James and Patricia Gowgiel
Byron and Susan Henry
Kathie Kimmy
Brad and Julie Sutherland '81 McMurchie
Prolifiq Software, Inc.
Dale and Barbara Rawls
Alfred and Claire Seekamp
Herbert and Ardyth Rosencrantz '55 Shapiro
Thomas and Julia Tibbs
Margaret Watson
Lee '77 and Melinda Weinstein
Claire Wheeler
Tom and Kaycee Wiita
Mike and Richelle Wilson
Jeffery and Lauretta Young

Robotics Program

Marcus and Annette Bergen
Campbell Group
John and Emma Gilleland
Oregon University System
TechStart Education Foundation

Upper School Library

Spencer Ehrman '68 and Hilde Wette
Suzi Ehrman '75
Madeleine Girardin-Schuback
Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye
Patrick Walsh and Maureen Reed

World Cultures

The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation