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2010-11 donors of non-monetary gifts of goods or services.

Apolloni Vineyards
Bark Blowers, Inc
Marc and Annette Bergen
Andrew Beyer and Patti Lolich-Beyer
The Difference
Rich and Jill Schnitzer '81 Edelson
Peter Eggspuehler
Spencer Ehrman '68 and Hilde Wette
Suzi Ehrman '75
Garden Vineyards, LLC
Madeleine Girardin-Schuback
Andy Glew and Rhonda Patten
Jim and Tish Gowgiel
Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye
Kathie Kimmy
Brad and Julie Sutherland '81 McMurchie
Partners on Demand
Ponzi Vineyards
Prolifiq Software, Inc.
Dale and Barbara Rawls
Jeff and Allison Reid
Herbert and Ardy Rosencrantz '55 Shapiro
Howard and Becky Slusher
Patrick Walsh and Maureen Reed
Lee '77 and Melinda Weinstein
Claire Wheeler
Mike and Richelle Wilson
Jeffery and Lauretta Young