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2010-11 Donors who gave to an endowed fund in support of the Campaign for Arts & Minds.
Some of Catlin Gabel’s most loyal, generous, and forward-thinking community members have established endowed funds to generate income for the school in perpetuity. Because financial sustainability is such a critical component for our ongoing success, the Campaign for Arts and Minds includes all endowed funds as a priority.  The donors listed here have given at a participatory level up to the leadership level of over $1,000,000.
For a complete list of all endowed funds and their descriptions please click here.


Catlin Gabel Endowment Fund

Kae Cheng and Jo-Anna Tan
Dan Copp '99
Stephen and Nancy Johnsrud '59 Dudley
Arah Erickson '87
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton R. Jones
Jonathan and Marilyn Lindner
Prudence M. Miller '52
Terry and Carolyn Murphy
Carol Ponganis
Nicholas Starin '85 and Karen Maxfield
Tom and Kaycee Wiita
The Esther & Morton Wohlgemuth Foundation, Inc


Paul Dickinson - Lowell Herr Fund for Science Teaching

Walter McMonies '65

Elana Gold '93 Environmental Restoration Endowment

Oregon Community Foundation
Tsungani Smith and Julia Stoll

Karl Jonske '99 Memorial Endowed Fund

The American College
Thomas Ashley and Barbara Leffler
Jeffrey and Kristin Barens
John Barry
John Becker
Benefits Resource Group Agency, LLC
Alec Berkman
Erik Bjorvik
Brian Bristow
BryanMark Financial Group, Inc.
Francis Burke
Jeffrey and Stacy Carlson
Patrick and Susan Carr
Chernoff Diamond & Co., LLC
James and Sheila Clary
Robert Conners and Susan Jossi
Graham Coover '99
Cornerstone Institutional Investors, Inc.
David and Ann Culley
Donald Curristan
Anthony and Bridget de Bruyn
Dave Downey
Larry and Julie Ellis
Essex Financial Services
Eslick Financial Group
Evergreen Consulting, Inc.
Abram Falk '99
Financial Designs, LTD
The Donald E. & Eydie R. Garlikov Family Foundation
Gateway Financial Group, Inc.
General Re Corporation
Peter Golato
Goldman, Sachs & Co
Jack and Marilyn Greenlee
Stanley Greenwald
Neal Groff
John Hancock Life Insurance Company
David Havrilla
Herlihy Insurance
Thomas and Joann Hollinger
Terence and Christy Horan
Jacamonchar, Inc.
Doris Jonske
Fred and Nancy Jonske
Brian Knight '99
Mark Knight '02
Richard and Adela Knight
Timur Kocaoglu '01
James and Laura Lavigne
Lee, Burke & Malarkey, LLP
Sidney and Brenda Levine
Lincoln Financial Distributors, Ins.
Cheryl Lipiec
The Lyman Group
Philip and Carol Lyons
M Financial Group
Tom and Diane Mackenzie
Timothy and Stephanie Malarkey
Mammel Family Foundation
John Marshall
William Mertz
Connie Morrison
Peter and Merle Mullin
Ernest and Anne Munch
Dean and Nancy Nance
Nease, Lagana, Eden and Culley, Inc.
Kenneth and Laura Nordstrom
Darcy Norville
Pacific Life
Victor and Cathryn Palmieri
Cathy Perkins
Plybon & Associates, Inc.
James Pollock
Prudential Financial
William and Laurie Rawson
J. J. Schumacher Associates
Larry and Karen Seeger
Stephen Shepard
The Sitzmann Family Trust
Michael and Gale Silverberg
SilverStone Group
Kenneth Stephens
Peter and Janice Sullivan
SunLife Financial
Robert F. and Sharon L. Swartzbaugh Family Foundation
Susan Szymanski
The Teekell Company, Inc.
Thomas Financial Group
United Way of Rhode Island
James and Elvira Wardowski
Joseph and Mary White
Winged Keel Group, Inc.

Esther Dayman Strong Lectureship in the Humanities

Sid and Meg Patten '58 Eaton


Clint Darling Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rukaiyah Adams '91
Sudarshan and Kerry Cadambi
John and Sarah Ferguson
Howard* and Jane Glazer
Goldman, Sachs & Co
Intel Corporation
Rob Kaye '07
Timur Kocaoglu '01
Linda Mapes
Cam McClure '07
Darren Norris and Victoria Milne '79
Robert and Tanis Rieck
Ron Sobel
Kelley Brand Stember '77
Bun Tan '91 and Delia Garigan '91
Dave and Beth Towle

Sid Eaton Candowment/Alys Patterson/Benjamin Reed/Bill Watson Fund

Hugo Bedau and Constance Putnam
Harvey and Nancy Salt '50 Black
David Carter
Eva Mae Chamberlain*
Roger and Edith Clark
Jean Cory
Patrick and Andy Dignan
Sid and Meg Patten '58 Eaton
Fluke Corporation
Robert '69 and Lynda Jones
Ted '73 and Debbie Ehrman '73 Kaye
Lorena Legarde '81
Ricki Nicholson
Peter and Joey Day '54 Pope
Gertrude Sahlbrant
John and Joan* Shipley
Margaret Watson

George Ettelson '42 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bill and Adelina Ettelson
Helene Ettelson
Diane Ettelson Lowenstein
The San Francisco Foundation

Catlin Gabel Endowed Scholarship Fund

AOH Foundation
Michael and Kate Byrnes
Tom '70 and Lorena Farnham
Trace Hancock '96
Intel Corporation
Abbie Liel '98
Lindsay Murphy '01
JP Parker '04
Thomas and Mary Ann Rogers
Patrick and Leonie Todd
Elizabeth Weil

Faculty/Staff Endowed Children's Fund

The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation
Sandra Hyslop

Frances W. Jubitz Endowed Scholarship Fund

David '58 and Stephanie Lawrence
Kaiser Permanente

The Knight Family Scholars Program Fund

Phil and Penny Knight     

Stuart Moore Endowed Scholarship Fund for Students of Color

Rian Moore '90

Deborah Schnitzer Novack '66 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ken and Deborah Schnitzer '66 Novack

Lydia Wood Noyes '37 Endowed Scholarship Fund

John and Rebecca Kendall '65 Burt
David '69 and Dolorosa Margulis
Robert* and Elizabeth Noyes

Rees Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Judith Rees '64

The Renjen Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Punit and Heather Renjen

Karin '95 and Tyler '98 Rogers Endowed Scholarship Fund

Oregon Community Foundation
Jeff Rogers

Jean Ettelson Salz '39 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bill and Adelina Ettelson

Esther Dayman Strong Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sid and Meg Patten '58 Eaton

Ruth Ettelson Wurzweiler '42 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bill and Adelina Ettelson


To learn more about endowed funds at Catlin Gabel School please contact Joan Gardner, Major Gifts Officer, at 503-297-1894 x 308 or