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2010-11 Donors who gave in support of capital projects and buildings

Arts Center - Campaign for Arts and Minds

These donors recognize and support the potent value of the arts in education. Gifts range from participatory gifts to leadership gifts up to the $500,000 level.
Peter Beatty and Maria Pope '83











Spencer '64 and Jane Beebe
Bryan and Heidi Halvorsen '88 Bell
Mark Brown and Dori Schnitzer '71
Steve and Sarah Case
Craig Chanti and Donna Avedisian
Benjamin Dean and Ann Shipley '83
Liz Dreier '99
Bart and Jill Eberwein
Stuart and Becky Ellis
Dan Gibbs and Lois Seed
John and Emma Gilleland
The William G. Gilmore Foundation
Albert Glowasky
Tom and Alix Meier '71 Goodman
Laura Gordon
Steve Gordon
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
John and Karen Hoke
Mark and Ingeborg Holliday
Craig Hartzman and James John
Dave and Judy Jubb
Adam Keefer '98
The Lazar Foundation
Bill Lazar
Michael Lazarus and Jo Whitsell
Terry and Carolyn Murphy
Thomas and Cynthia Mulflur
Murali and Indira Nallakrishnan
Nike, Inc.
Peter and Carla Olson
Oregon Community Foundation
Carol Ponganis
Michael and Julie Proksch
Thomas and Mary Ann Rogers
Eric '83 and Tiffany Rosenfeld
Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
Anne and Eli Shapira Charitable Foundation
Peter and Maureen Steinberger
Tom and Kaycee Wiita
Anonymous (7)

Library Fund

Raymond and Deneen King
Lark and Dan Palma
To learn more about the Campaign for Arts and Minds' Art Center please contact Eileen Andersen, Director of Development, at 503-297-1894 x 306 or