Faculty and Staff

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87% Participation
Amanda and Jeff Amato
Loran Amo
Eileen and Paul Andersen
Paul Andrichuk and Stacey Hobart
Deirdre Atkinson
Chris Bagg
Chris Balag
Yasko Barlow
Faith Baynes and A. J. Weinzettel
Cindy Beals
Emily and Trevor Becker
Chris and Douglas Bell
Maggie Bendicksen and Barry Daigle
Milledge Bennett and Clemence Richard-Bennett
Monique Bessette
Carrie Blank
Scott Bowler and Anne Heimlich
Glenn Burnett
Laurie Carlyon-Ward
Len '75 and Hester Buell '76 Carr
Tegan Carter and Matthew Lange
Li-Ling Cheng
Francine and Jean Chough
Clint and Lauren Darling
Lesley and Patrick Darr
Mike and Lucy Davis
Michael de Forest and Susan McKinney
Veronique de la Poterie
Lily and Drew Derrick
Paul Dickinson
Lynda and Don Douglas
Joanne and Sam Dreier
Catherine D'Urso
Ema Eldredge
David and Lisa Ellenberg
Enrique Escalona
Nadine Fiedler and Brad Yazzolino
Kristin and Tim Fogle
Mary Warren Foulk and Alyson Miller
Greg Frye and Lynn Silbernagel
Jacqueline Fuller
Ann and Herb Fyfield
Sara Gallagher
Brian and Sue Gant
Zalika Milton Gardner '90 and Perry Gardner
Tammy and Steve Gentzkow
Madeleine Girardin-Schuback
Kate and Jim Grant
Peter and Mary Green
Daniel and Holly Griffiths
Robin and Larry Grimm
John Hamilton
Aiyana Hart-McArthur and Stuart Green
Toby Hayes and Deborah LePage
Michael and Dido Heath
Jordan and Erica Heintz
Sue and Byron Henry
Julie Higgins
Mariam Higgins and Nicholas Gideonse
Leslie Hillman '73
Melia Hinatsu
David and Melisa Hirata
Sanae Hosaka
Lauren Dully Hubbard '91
Larry and Catherine Hurst
Hedy Jackson
Herb Jahncke and Maya Wells '89
Jill and Ken Jones
Christa Mayfield Kaainoa
Richard and Julia Kassissieh
Karen Katz '74 and John Caster
Donna Kelly
Bubba and Jo Ellen Kennedy
Kathie Kimmy
Bob and Beverley Kindley
Ginia King and Nigel Nicholson
Nancy Kropp
Carter Latendresse and Aloysha Richards
Mark and Ann Lawton
Susan and Jack Lazareck
Veronica Ledoux
Linda Lee
Art Leo and Susan Brookhart

Nance Leonhardt and Gabe Newcomb
Elysia Lindfield
Theresa Long
Jennifer Lowe
Lynn Makau and Jeff Faeckle
Ginny and Stephen Malm
Jennifer Feucht Marcus '73 and Richard Marcus
Jessica and Michael '77 Marlitt
Brett Mathes
John Mayer
Mike Maynard and Daisy Steele
Pam McComas
Betsy and Charlie McCormick
Peggy and Wayne McDonnell
Robert and Mary Medley
Andrew and Cindy Merrill
Rieko Mine and Emad Omara
Paul and Pam Monheimer
Mike and Lis Moran
Yuriyo Newton
Kristin Ogard
Chenoa Ohlson
Mira Om and Reed Ricker
Lark and Dan Palma
Rhonda Patten and Andy Glew
Jeff Paul
Sue Phillips and Amy Scheele
Joan and Chuck Piper
Rebecca and Mel Plaskitt
Carol Ponganis
Chris Potts and Katy Quinn
Mark Pritchard and Deborah Wright
Kathy Qualman and Don Weathers
Dale and Barbara Edmon Rawls
Lauren Reggero-Toledano and Juan Toledano
Dave and Suzy Reichman
Mary Ann and Thomas Rogers
Vicki and Paul Roscoe
Traci Jernigan Rossi '83 and Michael Rossi
Sue Sacks
Bob Sauer
Kitty Schainman
Allen and David Schauffler
Peggy Schauffler '78
Jesse Selman
Lesley Sepetoski
Kathryn Shimmon and Bryson Slothower
Peter Shulman and Leslie Williams
Kathryn Sloan
Richard and Fran Snell
Ron and Jeanie Sobel
Chris and Jim Sommer
Tony Stocks and Jane Speyer
Karen and Kalevi Talus
Mimi Tang
Dave and Karen Tash
Nichole Tassoni
George '64 and Margot Voorhies '66 Thompson
Marsha Trump and Bryan Redd
Hen Truong
Tom Tucker '66 and Laura Frizzell
Cynthia Vainstein
Roberto Villa
Holly and Ryan Walsh
Joe and Maria Walsh
Patrick and Maureen Walsh
Evie and Gary Waltenbaugh
Robyn and Ryan Washburn
Jonathan Weedman and Kurtis Bower
Miranda Wellman '91 and Matt LeBlanc
Hilary Wentworth
Spencer White and Natasha Tobias
Hannah and John Whitehead
Sheila and Curtis Williams
Mike Wilson
Wallace and Daryl Wilson
Rebecca Wirth
John and Harriet Wiser
Vici Wolff
Chris and Rick Woodard
Becky and Tom Wynne
Dale and Pam Yocum