Alumni Giving

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We are Catlin Gabel. You are still Catlin Gabel.

Catlin Gabel flourishes because alumni care enough to invest in it.

Everyone who came here to get an education benefited from the generosity of those who came before them. By contributing to Catlin Gabel, alumni are saying: We care. We care about our school. We care about the next generation. It's incumbent on all of us to ensure that the next generation has opportunity available to them, just as it was for us.

Giving Made Simple.

Every gift is important. Your donation can be made in monthly gifts throughout the year. Monthly giving is simple with automatic credit or debit card payments. Sign up online.

Thank you for making Catlin Gabel a philanthropic priority, for helping to preserve Catlin Gabel’s exceptional programs that inspire students with a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.
For information, please email Sprina Brown in the development office, or dial 503-297-1894.