Let Creativity Bloom panel discussion

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Tue, 02/21/2012 - 7:00pm
Cabell Center Theater

A distinguished panel, from artists to doctors and entrepreneurs, will discuss the vital importance of creativity in work and learning

Seven panelists with Catlin Gabel connections, whose careers have been enhanced by their creative powers, will discuss the central role of creativity in this year’s Esther Dayman Strong Lecture.

This panel discussion honors the late Joan Shipley, a former Catlin Gabel staff member and parent of alumni, who was an ardent supporter of the arts.

The event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Brian Druker, developer of a revolutionary anti-cancer drug, OHSU, current CG parent
Denise Mullen, new president of the Oregon College of Art and Craft, CG neighbor
Sherrie Wolf, noted Pacific Northwest painter and printmaker, parent of alumna
Michael Mandiberg ’96, interdisciplinary artist, College of Staten Island/CUNY, alumnus
Dr. William Long, fundamentally reorganized trauma care, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, parent of alumni
Riley Gibson ’04, co-founder and CEO of crowdsourcing platform Napkin Labs, alumnus
Peter Bromka’00, product and marketing strategy, Orchestra.com, alumnus

The Esther Dayman Strong Lectureship in the Humanities was created in 1987 by the Catlin Gabel School board of trustees. The board wished to establish a living memorial to the human and academic values Esther Dayman Strong nurtured throughout her life, and her legacy of lifelong learning, especially as principal of the Catlin-Hillside School from 1944 to 1958.