US assembly: distinguished alumni

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Thu, 10/04/2012 - 11:30am - 12:30pm
Cabell Center Theater

Every year the alumni association recognizes Catlin Gabel alumni for their life work and accomplishments. Through their unique contributions, these alumni embody the school philosophy “in qualities of character, intelligence, responsibility, and purpose.” Two honorees will speak at this Upper School assembly.

Philip Hult ’88, co-CEO of EF Education First, a privately-held international education organization – Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
A 1993 graduate of Brown University, Philip holds a degree in international relations and comparative literature. Recently, Philip has been instrumental in funding the Hult Prize: a $1 million prize to fund the next wave of social entrepreneurs via a business case competition that crowd sources ideas from top business schools around the world. The 2012 prize will be announced by Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City. Philip lives in London with his wife, Britt, and three children.

Pippa Arend ’90, co-founder and development director of p:ear, a Portland nonprofit agency dedicated to building positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth – Distinguished Alumni Service Award
Pippa is a 1995 graduate of Marlboro College with a bachelor’s in art history and choreography. She co-founded p:ear, a mentor-based program for homeless youth, to develop hope and trust through education, art, and recreation, with the ultimate goal being to affirm their sense of personal worth as they create more meaningful and healthier lives, and a life off the streets.  “As creative and resourceful problem solver, Pippa has focused her life with unselfish dedication to establish long-term solutions to the issues surrounding youth homelessness – ensuring that equity and access are imbedded in p:ear’s mission.” – Sam Adams, Portland Mayor