A Great Place to Work

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Catlin Gabel teachers and staff form a supportive community of professionals dedicated to individuality, academics, and lifelong learning. Here's what a few people have to say about working at Catlin Gabel.

"Catlin Gabel is a phenomenal place to work in several regards, but perhaps most importantly in the sense of possibilities that exist. We are encouraged to develop bold, relevant, and innovative curricula that open new vistas to students. In a world where education is measured in multiple choice oval-shaped bubbles, Catlin Gabel is unafraid to proclaim that its teachers can guide our motivated students through a great educational journey." — Peter Shulman, Upper School history teacher, at Catlin Gabel since September 2003

"I've always felt that everything I needed to know, I'd learned at Catlin Gabel. I got the tools to learn here. Being a part of the Catlin Gabel faculty for more than 30 years and a parent for the last decade has made it ever more clear how precious this gift of learning is." — Tom Tucker '66, woodshop teacher, at Catlin Gabel since 1978

"The students of Catlin Gabel regularly impress me with their passion and confidence. I was blown away my first year when all 64 eighth graders auditioned for the spring musical by singing solos in front of the entire class. I watched in awe as they cheered each other on. I’m always amazed at how comfortable our students seem to be in their own skin. At Catlin Gabel, students are encouraged to be themselves, and programs are implemented that move students not only to develop their minds, but their bodies and souls as well. It’s an exciting place to be!" — Ema Eldredge, 7th grade math teacher, at Catlin Gabel since September 2004

"I feel lucky to be part of an organization that satisfies me both professionally and personally. So many people have to look outside their jobs to be inspired or feel like they are contributing to a brighter future. As a Catlin Gabel employee, I feel this way every morning I come to work." — Miranda Wellman '91, director of advancement, at Catlin Gabel since June 2005

"What I like best about working at Catlin Gabel is how I have frequent opportunities to interact with the students, parents, and staff. The most interesting and rewarding part of my day is building relationships within this community." — Kitty Schainman, facilities manager and events coordinator, at Catlin Gabel since March 2006

"It's great to work in a community that loves books and libraries, and provides the support needed to make our collection strong. My greatest joy is sharing the wonder of stories with children, and following their interests and explorations over the years. Also, being involved in bringing technological advances to the school has taught me so much. We have dramatically expanded our ability to search our own collections, as well as connect to resources around the world, and this has been exciting to share with the students." — Lisa Ellenberg, Beginning and Lower School librarian, at Catlin Gabel since 1991

"I appreciate working at Catlin Gabel because teachers are encouraged to explore new ideas, curricula, and technology to keep courses exciting, authentic, and relevant. We have the luxury of small classes, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents. As an employee and parent, I am privileged to be a part of this vibrant community." — Larry Hurst, 6th grade science teacher, at Catlin Gabel since September 1998