Dining Services

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Lunch in the Barn

Our beloved Barn crew serves food and hospitality that nourishes growing bodies and minds.

The Barn was home to sheep when the campus was Honey Hollow Farm. Today the Barn serves as community center and lunch room.

reschool and kindergarten students provide their own snacks and lunches from home.

Lower School students may bring lunch from home or order it in the classroom each morning. Purchases are billed to parents through the business office. The children eat in their classrooms, the Fir Grove, or in the Barn, where teachers supervise the lunch tables. Lower School children may charge their purchase of before- and after-school snacks to their account. The business office bills these costs to parents. Parents may ask Hen Truong, director of food services, for an itemized printout of their child’s lunchroom purchases. Lower School children may use the vending machines only when accompanied by a parent. After-School Care provides snacks for children in their care.

Middle and Upper School students may bring lunch and/or may purchase snack and lunch items from the Barn food service using cash or their individual account numbers. Lunchroom purchases are billed to parents through the business office.

Microwave ovens are available for heating food from home. Students may eat in the Barn, the Fir Grove, or elsewhere outdoors, and are expected to clean up after themselves. Snacks from the school food service are available to Middle and Upper School students daily, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m., and to all students after school from 3 to 3:30 p.m.

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