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Essential Questions: 

*What skills are needed to play an enjoyable recreational game of volleyball
*What skills would I need to play team volleyball
*What kind of games can we play to involve all skill levels
*What are the basic rules
*What does a court look like, what are the positions and how do we rotate


*The 4 critical elements in volleyball, the serve, bump, set and spike
*The dimensions of a volleyball court
*The rotation in a volleyball game

Skills and Processes: 

*Learn how to bump, set & spike using various types of balls depending on skill level (real volleyballs, training volleyballs, balloons, beach balls
*Walk through the rotation on a volleyball court with explanation of when to rotate
*Keep rally's going using different size beach balls
*Use real volleyballs and work on serving progressively (start short and working way back with a successful serves)
*Play a real game using large volleyball
*Finish with a popcycle challenge where kids progress through a series of 3 skills as a group.


*Watching for the increase or decrease in rally number
*Observing the distance that students increase with their serving
*Observe how the kids come together in the team activities or concepts
*Note the decrease in the number of illegal hits


PE planning book, past formal team experience and direct involvment in the game recreationally.

Multicultural Dimension: 

Volleyball is an international game with internation rules that apply across the board. It is a game that could be played virtually anywhere with the same set of core rules. A court can easily be set up using any number of simple materials such as sticks, leaves, string etc.