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Essential Questions: 

How can I work co-operatively to make a wooden mural with my classmates? How can I use color and texture to enhance my ideas? How can I use the bandsaw to create small, beautiful, and useful containers? How can I attain a fine finish?


Students will be introduced to the concept of making a wooden mural (sign)
Elements of 2-D and 3-D design, perspective, texture, and color are explored
Students will be taught to make a bandsaw box
Students will learn to produce a satin/low gloss finish on their box

Skills and Processes: 

Students will cooperatively construct a mural (theme based) from sketches
They will use hand and power tools to create the project
Students will individually create bandsaw boxes from soft and hardwoods
They will finish their projects with handrubbed oil and buff with wax


Students will write a self-evaluation and photograph their work for their digital portfolios.
More formal narrative reports will focus on effort, understanding of tools and materials, abilty to work in a group, willingness to clean up, and general response to woodworking challenges


The Woodshop has a large library of woodworking books on a wide variety of subjects and related crafts

Multicultural Dimension: 

Students may use the Internet to find images for mural project