Rotation 2

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Essential Questions: 

What can we design and build as a vehicle?

How do we maximize our efforts as a team?

What materials will best suit the process?



*Basics of making go-kart
*Use of larger lay-out tools
*Process for cutting up sheet goods

Learning to cut and drill metal

Skills and Processes: 

*Construct a team-built go-kart frame
*Build a steering and braking system
*Use creative skills to paint and decorate them (found objects may be included)
*Use previous experiences with lathe work (5th grade)
*Collaboration with peers in designing and building


*Written self-evaluations
*Teacher observation and written evaluations based on effort, abiltiy to work in a group, understanding of tools and materials, attitude, and willingness to accept challenges

Integrated Learning: 

Students create a go-kart cheer in Music to accompany the traditional running of the karts on Portfolio Night.