General Skills

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Essential Questions: 

• What is a good book for me?
• What are good ways to do research for various class projects (or my own interests)?
• How can I show that I know how to use a library?


*Student will know how to define the information task
*Students will know how to locate and access resources
*Students will know how to employ information seeking strategies
*Students will understand how to effectively use the information they gather
*Students will know how to synthesis the information they gather in the appropriate format
*Students will know how to evaluate the quality of their finished product as well as their own effort

Skills and Processes: 

*Determine the information problem to be solved
*Reformulate a complete statement of the task
*Pick out key words embedded in a question
*Ask a good question
*Understand and follow printed and/or oral directions
*Determine what sources are available
*Independently gather resources
*Determine if the source is usable
*Access appropriate information systems, including: online databases, union catalog, electronic multimedia
*Develop alternatives and to seek a variety of materials
*Determine which information is most/least important
*Recognize that information can be gathered from many sources, including investigation, observation, and human resources
*Use appropriate criteria for selecting sources
*Distinguish facts from opinion
*Accurately and completely summarize/ paraphrase the main idea from written and oral sources
*Read, listen, view, and touch carefully to acquire information.
*Organize information in clear, coherent presentations
*Present information in ways appropriate to the task
*Participate effectively in discussions and debates
*Produce personally designed products to communicate content
*Demonstrate a high degree of confidence in the quality of the product produced
*Assess the product for completeness, strengths, and weaknesses
*Develop criteria to determine the effectiveness of the process used to solve the problem
*Provide recommendations to improve results
*Determine the need for further information


*Informal observation and conversations with students.
*Rubrics in conjunction with classroom teachers

Multicultural Dimension: 

Collection development completed with particular focus on both multicultural topics and authors of diverse backgrounds.

Integrated Learning: 

See specific units for collaboration with classroom teachers.