Unit 2: Logarithmic Functions

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Essential Questions: 
  • How can we solve an exponential equation with a variable exponent?
  • What is a logarithm?
  • What are the properties of a logarithmic function?
  • What are properties of a logarithm and how do we know they are valid?
  • How can we use logarithms to solve applied problems?
  • Definition of a logarithm
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Properties of logarithms
  • Applications of logarithms
  • Solving equations involving logarithms
Skills and Processes: 
  • Evaluate logarithms without a calculator
  • Graph logarithmic functions and their transformations
  • Use logarithm properties to simplify and evaluate expressions
  • Use a calculator to solve problems involving exponential and logarithmic growth
  • Prove properties of logarithms