Track & Field

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Essential Questions: 

*What are the events of Track & Field
*How can I choose one or more that is right for me
*What are the different safety precautions for the individual events
*How can I self-manage some of my time
*What is the importance of warm-up and stretching for track & field events


*Need to familiarize yourself with several of the events
*Become familiar with the names and different equiipment used in the events
*Learn proper eitquette
*Pick one or two events that you have an interest in and focus working and fine tuning the mechanics for those events
*Understand basic mechanics of most of the events

Skills and Processes: 

*Kids will be exposed to different running events, throwing events and jumping events
*We will address 2-3 core mechanics for those events each day for the first week
*The second week, kids will choose one or two events that interest them and they will work on fine tuning their mechanics in those events
*Proper etiquette and process will be discussed and practiced for all events


 Past experience in a formal setting, coached 3rd - 8th boys and girls.