St. George

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Essential Questions: 

• How can we prepare and present a traditional holiday Mummer's tale combined with contemporary elements?

• How can we mix the traditional text with our own ideas?

• How do teachers support and create appropriate guidelines that encourage thoughtfulness but do not hamper spontaneous Middle School notions?


8th grade students present a production of Saint George and the Dragon, a Catlin tradition since 1947.

Script writing: Students develop an understanding of traditional Mummer's tales, write and incorporate contemporary scenes. This would include consideration of: plot, characters music, movement/staging, costumes and makeup

Skills and Processes: 

*Perform full-scale mummer's play
*Audition, rehearse and perform in theater
*Develop understanding of parts of the play: plot, characters, songs, movement/staging, costumes and makeup


*Students watch a video and discuss and write about their performance


Old scripts and new ideas developed and written by the students

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Whole class and individual conversations about cultural appropriateness of topics and ideas