Sound & Lighting

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Essential Questions: 

•What are relationships between the Technical Theater and a particular production?
•How do you bring together analytic and intuitive abilities in the sound and lighting design project?
•How do you approach problem solving with originality
•How do you use knowledge and principles in one discipline to solve problems in another


*Sound & Lighting design elements
*Sound & lighting elments as a part of a production
*Knowledge base of terminology and concepts
*Technical elements of a production

Skills and Processes: 

*Develop a working vocabulary for the lighting,and sound.
*Learn operation of tools,and equipment in Cabell Center
*Respond critically to the sound & lighting design


* Self elvaluation
* Peer elevation
* Teacher Conference
* Production log


Internet access
Vectorworks Cadd software
Trade publications
Videos and films

Multicultural Dimension: 

Exposure to world theater and music