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Essential Questions: 

How can we use solubilty to distinguih bewteen substances?
What is the maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in a given amount of solvent?
How does solubility change with temperature?


that solubility is a characteris property of both the solute and the solvent,
like density solubility changes with temperature,
the dependence on temperature is useful in separating solutes in a solution,
when a subsatnce dissolves in a solvent it distributes itself evenly throught the column of solvent,
concentration is a way to expressing the quantity of substance dissolved in a fixed amount of liquid,
when a metal dissolves in a strong acid a gas is produced,
liquids are soluble in liquids,
solids are soluble in liquids and other solids,
alloys are mixtures of solids,
gases are soluble in liquids,

Skills and Processes: 

make solutions of specific concentrations,
determine relative concentrations of colorful solutions based on shade,
compare concentraions of saturated solutions,
distinguish between saturated substances by comapring their temperatures,
compare different solvents,
collect gases generated by dissolving different metals and salts in strong acids,
differentiate the gases generated by comparing realtive density and flammabilities,
determoine the solubility of carbon dioxide and ammonia in water


*Written exam


Introductory Physical Science, 7th edition, Haber-Schiam,Cutting, Kirksey, Pratt