Social and Emotional Health

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Essential Questions: 

How do I maintain healthy relationships?

How do I deal with bullying, teasing and relational aggression?

What are the expectations of the catlin Gabel Community?

Habits Of Mind: 

visual, auditory, kinestic, action roleplay


Bullying and teasing (internet/ technology)

Teaching tolerance and acceptance of other's differences

Consequences of peer pressure

Effective communication and problem solving

Curtousy Habits

Catlin Handbook Guidelines

Child abuse and protective laws


Skills and Processes: 

Students will learn how to be curtious and socially appropriate

Students will identify dynamics of bullying/teasing and know how to access help

Students will understand the consequences of peer pressure and gain skills to stand up to pressure

Students will understand what constitutes child abuse and will understand the importance of reporting

Students will understand the CGS policy regarding student behavioral expectations


class discusssion

journal entries

film notes

skit participation


DVD Media Relations

CGS handbook

State of Oregon Child Abuse laws

Lessons from ETR Health

Bullies to Buddies lesson guidelines

Multicultural Dimension: 

Gaining empathy for differences in cultural, sexual orientaiton, physical and religious differences