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Essential Questions: 

*What is my interest level (social, PE, competitive) in soccer?
*What skills do I need to be a successful soccer player?
*How can I find enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, sportsmanship, and social interaction through soccer?


*Individual Skill Development -- kicking, heading, trapping,
*Team Skill Development -- passing, communication, planning strategies, sportsmanship
*Knowledge of Soccer Game -- rules, strategies, history

Skills and Processes: 

Individual skills:
*Ball handling skills
-starting and stopping
-stopping the ball with a foot on top
-pulling/moving the ball backwards
-pushing the ball with inside and outside of foot
-use body to control, pass, stop the ball
-Techniques for passing, proper throw-in technique, goal keeping (body position - low center of gravity, hands out for protection, drop kick, throwing
Group skills:
*Pass between players (judging the relationship between distance and speed)
*Demonstrate spatial awareness of field and other players
*Demonstrate knowledge of difference between defensive (anticipation of where offensive players will move) and offensive play (direction toward opposing goal,timing of passes, safe practices for kicking, goal keeping and body proximity awareness)
*Demonstrate understanding of game rules by participating in soccer practices and drills


*Teacher Soccer Observation Checklist
*Skills Test
*Individual Assessment


*Teacher developed unit
*Feedback with other PE teachers

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Soccer is the most popular sport internationally.
*Soccer is valued differently in different cultures.
*Basic soccer rules are universal and easily implemented among complete strangers.