Separation of Mixtures

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Essential Questions: 

1- How can we tell the difference between a pure substance and a mixture?
2- How can two liquids in solution be separated from one another?
3- How can two dissolved solids be separated from one another?
4- How can a pigment be separated into its component parts?


1- mixtures can be separated into component parts called pure substances
2- mixtures and pure substances are different from each other
3- dissolved solids can be separated.
4- differences in density, boiling point, and solubility can be used to separate substances.
5- paper chromatography is used to separate a pigment from a liquid.

Skills and Processes: 

1- separate two or more liquids by fractional distillation.
2- explain how fractional distillation is used for industrial uses.
3- separate a mixture of soluble and insoluble solids.
4- separate a mixture of soluble solids.
5- separate a solid pigmnet from a solution.


1- comprehensive unit test.
2- practical laboratory exam in which they must distinguish between a collection of unknown solids and liquids called Sludge.
3- cooperative group work in the laboratory.
4- periodic quizzes.
5- review of lab write-ups.


Introductory Physical Science, 7th edition, Haber-Schiam,Cutting, Kirksey, Pratt

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Tone and topics of the classroom laboratory allow students of all cultural backgrounds to find a level of engagement that is comfortable.
Refer to Fall term