Injury Prenvention

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Essential Questions: 

How do I stay safe and healthy?
What do I do if someone is sick or hurt?

What do I do in a natural disaster?

What do I do to maintain  motorized and non-motorized vehicle safety?

How do I stay safe while participating in physical activities?

How do I keep my home environment safe?

Habits Of Mind: 

Visual, auditory, kinesthetic


*Sports and outdoor activity safety

*Environmental hazards

*Vision care

*First aid
*EMS and 911

Skills and Processes: 

*Identify safety concerns
*Acknowledge risks in physical activity (including sports and outdoor activity)
*Demonstrate concern for self and others through safe play
*Explore environmental hazards
*Demonstrate safe and sanitary food handling practices
*Practice proper vision protection

*Identify heartattack and stroke symptoms
*Identify common athletic injuries and practice appropriate first aid (RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation)
*Recognize emergency situations and activate EMS - Emergency Medical Services (911)
*Demonstrate knowledge of immobilizing joints and limbs through splinting
*Recognition and treatment of heat/cold related illnesses, choking, severe bleeding, shock


Practical hands on demonstration

written knowledge post and pre test




Tualatin Fire Dept including guest speaker

Think First Oregon OHSU

American Heart Assoc kit