Rotation 1

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Essential Questions: 

How to use joinery to enhance strength and appearance in box building

How to use carving, stamping, and a variety of finishes to decorate your project.


Students will be introduced to more formal joinery techniiques and the appropriate tools to achieve them

Students will try a number of visual effects to achieve texture

Skills and Processes: 

Students will expand their knowledge of  measuring tools (squares, marking gauges), layout, dovetail saws, chisels, and rabbet planes to create rabbet joints

Students will assess the their joinery and augment accordingly  to attain the  tightest fit


Written self-evaluations, parent conferences

Teacher observation and written evaluations based on effort, ability to work in a group, understanding tools and materials, attitude, and willingness to accept challenges.


The Woodshop has a large library of books on carving, texturing, painting,  etc from a variety of cultures

Students are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with each other