Rock n' Roll

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Essential Questions: 

What are the basic elements of Rock music?

What were the historical roots of Rock 'n Roll?

How to create a meaningful Rock experience?


*As a result of this unit of work students will:
Understand the social and historic beginnings of Rock. 

Perform Twist and Shout (or other simple three chord Rock piece) using band equipment in class

Chose a piece to learn and play at a school assembly

Skills and Processes: 

*Students shall begin the class learning about early influences on Rock: Jazz, Gospel, Country and the Blues. Students will learn how to play a 12 bar blues pattern using classroom instruments and learn how to accompany it with a rock beat on the drum kit. Students will listen to and analyze early Rock artists. Some video will be shown about the Beatles and their rise to fame. Students will learn to perform and sing Twist and Shout, individuals will sing solos and backing vocals using PA equipment.
After studying what makes a rock piece, students will bring in their own examples of rock and play them on the stereo for the class. Students will (via a vote) select one of the pieces and begin working on performing it.

Students will learn the basic chord progressions of the selected piece on the keyboard as well as guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Students will rehearse the piece and perform it with amps turned to 11 for the performance in front of the Middle School student body.


Students will write a self evaluation

Teacher observation and notes

Formal written report

Parent Conferences



Piano, classroom instruments, drum kit, whiteboard, PA gear, amplifiers, microphones, computers and keyboard. TV and video player.

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Discuss aspects of some characteristics of African music that influenced Rock. Rock music of Great Britain. African American influences on Rock