Rock Climbing

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Essential Questions: 

*How can I be safe for myself and others
*What are the essential pieces of equipment needed
*What are the rules and processes during rock climbing
*How do I put the equipment on properly
*What are the different levels of ways of rock climbing
*How do I put my fears aside or fight through them and do I put full faith in my instructor


*The proper equipment and the names of the pieces of equipment used in rock climbing
*The key terms used
*Learning to personally put my %100 trust in someone else
*Finding the most affective, safest and quickest ways to climb up the wall
*Becoming familar with different strategies in dealing with obstacles during climbing

Skills and Processes: 

*Kids will first learn how to put on their climbing equipment and need to know the names of the pieces
*We will talk about and review common terminology used so that we can communicate while they are climbing
*We will become familiar with the wall using a process called bouldering
*Students will begin climbing by the end of the first or beginning of the 2nd class
*We will build confidence with 2 processes: 1st students will climb about 25-30 feet and be asked to let go of everything. This is a time when they are not to high yet and it instills upon them the feeling of security that the belayers have them at all times even if they slip. 2nd, we will make easier climbs first and progress towards the more difficult climbs second


*The progress the kids make in overcoming their personal fears, which is measured by their progress up the wall, speed, and comfort level
*The distance up the walls
*The difficulty in choice up the walls
*Ability to communicate proper terminology while climbing
*Ability to talk about the different pieces of equipment and name them


Assisted Barbara Bond (experience rock climber) with equipment and volunteered time during the rock climbing sessions. Also, the help of several other volunteers with rock climbing backgrounds who assist during the rock climbing unit.  Trained in safety and proper equipment check through Synergo climbing company.

Multicultural Dimension: 

Rock climbing has become a world wide activity. It brings people of all backgrounds together and the serious climbers often become connected with other cultures because of the travel required to reach the most challenging mountains. Also, those that progress to another level will find that they will rely on the expertise of the cultures in the area they are climbing for food, lodging, supplies, etc. Finally, most terminology used in climbing for equiment and communication while climbing is pretty universal.