Racquet Games

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Essential Questions: 

*What safety precautions do I take with my racquets and hitting of the ball or shuttlecock?
*What are the different kinds of racquets used for various games?
*What are the types of objects used to hit during racquet games?
*What are the critical lines and court dimensions in the games of pickle ball, tennis, and badmitten?
*How do we work together to play a game of doubles


*Kids will become familar with different racquets and objects hit during the game
*We will examine court dimensions, critical or important line in pickle ball, tennis, and badmitten
*Kids will learn forehand, backhand, smashing and dinking skills
*Kids will be shown how to move and the strategies involved in a game of doubles

Skills and Processes: 

*Kids will learn how to properly grip a racquet
*We will work on making consistent contact with a ball, shuttlecock and woofle ball through repetitive skills
*Skills will include hitting the ball to themself, against a wall, and keeping a short rally together with a partner
*With the size of the class and room available, the kids will naturally learn spacing and should also be a carry over skill from other activities
*Several modified games will be used to reinforce the skills we work on and we will move these games from individual to team and then actually progress backwards to doubles and finish singles again
*Students at this levels main focus will be on consistency in hitting the ball, keeping a rally going and with the few students that have excelled skills in the area, I will give them some special skills to work on such as spin and advanced strategies.


*Rally numbers will be kept for different skills and also both hands. We will look for the improvement of rally score
*Observation of the ability of the kids to progress to more and more difficult tasks
*Observation of the abillity to move fluidly on the court and position self correctly with and without a partner
*The length of games should start out quick, progress to longer games as the physical skills develop first and then progress back toward shorter games as the strategic piece of the game begins to develop
*Kids will initially begin with the hitting technique most comfortable to them. Watching to see if they progress towards using multiple hitting techniques will be one of the strongest assessments of the progress they are making


Hedi Jackson (Catllin Tennis Coach), Tennis classes taken at ISU and visually observation through watching tennis on TV.

Multicultural Dimension: 

One of the great things about tennis is the different court textures used across different cultures such as grass, clay and hard court.