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Essential Questions: 

How do I maintain a healthy body?

What is happening to my body during puberty?

How do i make sound nutritional choices?

Habits Of Mind: 

Kinesthetic, auditory, visual methods


Skin care and protection

Body cleanliness

Body changes, both physical and emotional including menstruation and male reproductive changes

Nutrion myths and facts, portion sizes, sugar content, saturated fats

Environmental hazards, how air and water pollution impacts health



Skills and Processes: 

Demonstrates ways to reduce exposure to harmful pollutants and sun exposure

Identify products that help protect against environmental hazards

Identify bodily changes in puberty and how to manage the changes

Learns how to care for skin and body parts on a daily basis

Identify how food choices are influences by culture, family, media, body image and peers

Learn how to guage appropriate portion sizes

Prepare healthy snacks, with a focus on whole grains

Learn proper food storage and safety precautions



Class participation and discussion

Track 3 day journal of food and liquid consumption

Prepare a 3 day menu including snacks and  beverages

Student will prepare a daily hygiene routine including all steps of self-care






DVD Media Relations

Guest speaker

charts from dairy council

fact sheets from Harvard University

Actual food preparation and samples

Multicultural Dimension: 

explore how various cultures eat differently

explore family food influences

Integrated Learning: 

math references to portion and content