Puberty for 4th grade

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Essential Questions: 

•Why do bodies look so different?
•How much control do we have over our height, weight and skin?
•What is puberty and when will I go through it?
•Where do we get our ideas of what is attractive?
• How are babies made?


*Heredity affects height, weight, and onset of puberty
*Nutrition and exercise affect appearance & health

* Stages of puberty (both physical and emotional)
* Individual variations of time of these changes.
* Cultural differences and similarities in what is considered attractive

Skills and Processes: 

*Articulate changes that come with puberty
*Express understanding that onset of puberty is related to genetics
*Demonstrate understanding that there are different individual timetables for the onset of puberty


*Teacher observation of student discussion and questions


Videos, Sex and Sensibility by Rathburn
*Parents invited to preview informational video
*Counselor will encourage parent-child discussions
*Body Image Curriculum, by N.E.D.
* Informational videos will be viewed in same-sex groups, have an opportunity for discussion, and asking questions.

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Cultural differences and similarities in what is considered attractive
*Individual differences in development