Post Office

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Essential Questions: 

• How does a letter get from one friend to another?

Habits Of Mind: 

*Posing problems
*Generating ideas
*Applying past knowledge to new situations
*Thinking and working interdependently


*Letters have names, addresses, and stamps
*The Postal system has many parts
*Sequence for moving mail from one location to another
*Many people with different jobs help move the mail

Skills and Processes: 

*Recognize and write numerals
*Sort mail into categories, then individually
*Match addresses to post office boxes
*Handwriting: letters and numerals
*Create post office system in classroom
*Manage classroom mail within the system


*Teacher observation
*Anecdotal records


*Visit the Post Office
*Invite postal worker to visit class
*Visit school mail processing center

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Postal workers can be of any ethnicity, either gender