Portrait Study

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Essential Questions: 

-What are the parts of the drawn portrait ? -What media will best serve the student's portrait study? -How does a self-portrait serve as a developmentally appropriate study? -Which of the Elements of Design are the most effective to focus on? (Color,Val


*The study of artists and periods of art that illustrate effective portrait studies.

Skills and Processes: 

*Students will look at different artists and periods of art (Examples: Rembrandt, Matisse Picasso and Close -They will work with a variety of drawing media to realize their work


*Class Critiques, Individual Critiques, Self-assessments, Teacher narratives and Teacher/student conferences


The Art of Matisse, Dynamic Light and Dark, The Art Book, Rembrandt Painting and Drawings,
Janson's History of Art, Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop, Library

Multicultural Dimension: 

*Source material will utilize work from other cultures and different periods of history