Playground Games

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Essential Questions: 

* What skills do I need to participate in a variety of playground games?
* What rules are needed to play fairly?
* How can I behave in a socially active game without adult supervision?
* Why develop a standard set of rules?
* What can we do to minimize competition in the games?


*Individual skills needed: catching, throwing, bouncing balls, waiting in lines/taking turns, shooting, kicking moving objects, blocking balls, skipping/ropes, understanding specific rules
*Group skills needed: Following set rules, taking turns, settling disagreements (conflict resolution) clear communication, cooperating with other players, entering a game already in progress
*Minimizing competition
*Developing a standardized set of rules for the games

Skills and Processes: 

*Practice playing several playground games such as Four Square, Wall Ball, Hopscotch, Scramble, Playground Basketball/Soccer, etc.
*Demonstrate individual and group skills
*Role play collaborative skills
*Observe other students playing games in order to give compliments and make suggestions
*Finalized rules


*Teacher observation of students
*Feedback from recess duty inidividuals and homeroom teachers
*Students Feedback

Multicultural Dimension: 

Using nontradional games, implementing a set of rules that exhibit the culture of our school and learning new games learned from different environments such as vacation out of country, exchange students and others.