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Essential Questions: 

Why is water the solvent of choice for living organisms?

How do a variety of animals balance their water and solute requirements?

How to anadramous fish species switch between marine and fresh water environments?

How does the mammalian kidney work?

How is blood pressure controlled both naturally and using prescription drugs?

How to plants use water? How is their anatomy and physiology adapted for these functions?


Osmoregulatory mechanisms in invertebrates and non-mammalian vertebrates

The mammalian kidney - structure and function

hormonal control of osmoregulation

Control of blood pressure via the action of hormones on the kidney

ACE inhibitors and diuretics

Plant anatomy

Transpiration and bulk flow

Gill adaptation in salmonids

Skills and Processes: 

Design a lab to demonstrate osmoregulation and osmosis

Dissection and accurate scientific drawing

Learning to read original scientific research papers




Drawings of mammalian kidney dissection

Lab reports

Lab Demonstration to the class

End of unit test


Scientific journal papers