THE LENS OF SCIENCE: A Look at Scientific Skills & Inquiry

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Essential Questions: 
  • What is my role in this scientific community?
  • How is science different from other ways of knowing?
  • How do scientists do their work?
  • Scientific Habits of Mind
  • Observation versus Inference
  • Variables
  • The Scientific Process
  • Research Design
  • Data Analysis
Skills and Processes: 
  • Identifying and using lab equipment properly
  • Questioning like a scientist
  • Observing and Inferring
  • Collaborating on research design
  • graphing
  • Peer-reviewing and group editing on google docs
  • Lab Report
  • Self reflection
  • Homework
  • Discussions
  • Scientific Method Webquest
  • Inquiry Cubes, The Science Teacher
  • GEMs Dry Ice Investigations
  • Create a Graph web tools
Multicultural Dimension: 
  • Addressing & challenging the stereotypes around science and scientists 
  • Assertion that everyone can be a scientist 
Integrated Learning: 
  • Historical perspectives on science
  • The science and math of data analysis and graphing
  • Scientific writing