Composing for the Theater

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Essential Questions: 

How to compose effective music for theatrical performances

How to go about understanding style and musical themes

How do studnets learn to utilize technology to compose music



Using GarageBand to compose

Working with the drama class and its production

Considering appropriate compositional style

Preparing a musical score to accompany the play

The performance

Skills and Processes: 

Students will read through the play, work with the drama teacher and myself to decide on a musical style appropriate to the production.

Students will mark their scripts for appropriate places to insert music

Students will work in pairs or individually to compose appropriate pieces, effects and recorded audio for the production.

All students will learn about an appropriate style that suits the production. Ex. Swing music and the twelve bar blues for a detective/mystery style of play. 

Students will hear examples of the style on the stereo, be given assignments that will get them comfortable with composing in this style, and compose alotted pieces

Compositions will be completed and put on the server

All compositions will be put onto the school server and later downloaded to a laptop

During the final week before the perfromance of the play, music students will join the theater class to add music to the show as well as helping with technical needs such as lighting, set movement, costuming etc.


Student Critique

Student Evaluation

Teacher assessment via note taking and observation

Formal report

Parent Conferences


Recordings (CD's, DVD's)

Computers and piano keyboards



Microphone/recording device

Multicultural Dimension: 

Dependent upon the type of play selected.

Integrated Learning: 

 This class requires close work between the music and drama departments as well as being open to the community to come and share in the performance.