Mass Changes in Closed Systems

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Essential Questions: 

•Does mass change when substances undergo different changes?
•What are the essential attributes of a Law of Nature?


*Conservation of Mass
*Experimental evidence will lead studets to this fundamental law of nature

Skills and Processes: 

*Accurately read and use a single pan balance
*Use uncertainty
*Create histograms using class data
*Identify and explain changes in state and matter
*Indirectly measure the mass of a gas
*Analyze class data
*Draw conclusions based on experimental evidence
*Express very large numbers and very small numbers using scientific notation
*Explain fundamental concepts of a Law of Nature


*Laboratory performance
*Written exam
*Practical exam


Introductory Physical Science, 7th edition, Haber-Schiam,Cutting, Kirksey, Pratt

Multicultural Dimension: 

*The program is designed to engage the learning styles of all participants and address the needs of students of diverse cultural backgrounds.
*Inquiry, although not identical in style from culture to culture, is an important part of how all cultures extend knowledge.
*The informality of the lab allows a teacher to work with an individual or a pair of students who might be struggling with a given skill or concept.
*Students work with other students whose cultural background may be quite different from their own during the term. As they work together to solve a problem, they must talk, plan, and work out a plan for successful completion of the task at hand. This model for open inquiry enables students to share their learning with fellow students.